Thursday, January 12, 2012

Illegal Cinema

When we were in 12th, me and my friend Chetan used to call our movie going or any such activity illegal, if we did not inform our parents about it. We were involved in many illegal activities in those 2 years. But many years ago, when we were unaware of the English word illegal, we watched a movie illegally. Before that occasion we used to watch movies only with our family, but that start gave us confidence and we started watching movies on our own.

We were in 6th std or so, and our old classmate who had left school after 4th std, had come in the city. He came to meet us in school that day. We spend the entire recess time with him, chatting, but we were not satisfied with that. So we planned to watch a SRK starrer movie  ‘Baadshah’ releasing on same day.

Sumeet was on vacation anyway, and he would go and come back from his home, and inform his parents till the school end time. But asking our parents for permission was the real issue. It was very first time we were thinking about such thing, and we simply did not have any idea how would they react. Keeping that aside, communicating with them was another issue, since they were in office, and there were no cellphones at that time.

It was easier for Amit, who lived nearby. We convinced his mom, she gave us money for our  tickets also, but on a condition that we would also inform our parents. We agreed in front of her,but after some brainstorming session, we decided to go without permission, since we would not  have enough opportunity to convince them over a phone call, and if they denied, our plan would be cancelled.

We went home in a rickshaw, and made our neighbour cum tenant Saraf auntie to pay for it. Borrowed some more money from her and left for the theater in hurry. When we reached theater, tickets were sold out. But some guys were selling them in black.

I had read about such rackets in paper, and was scared of it. I was against buying tickets in black, and was suggesting to return home. But the others were not ready to waste the trip to theater, and so we bought tickets. We bought it from a scary guy, and at double the rate, because we were too scared to bargain. We got third class tickets at double rate. And to our further disappointment, the movie was already started when we entered the hall.

I watched the movie in a mix of scared and excited mood. I feared that somebody may ask us to leave our seats, as we bought tickets in black. The show was house-full, as it was a first day. We enjoyed and liked the movie (unexposed to Bond movies yet :-D). Many days later we came to know that it was a flop movie.

After reaching home, we found our moms waiting for us, aware of the fact that we borrowed money from Saraf auntie, and went somewhere. They scolded on us for every possible reason  that we went for a movie without informing them, we borrowed money without permission, we were irresponsible, etc. and ordered us to go at Grandma’s place. Wondering whats in plate for us now, we went at Grandma’s, and to our surprise, it was only food. She didn’t say much,  just served us food. Delighted with this, we then enjoyed the food, with the Popeye show on TV.

That day was a benchmark in my movie career for it started our traditions of watching movies, illegally, on first day irrespective of quality, etc. which I still cherish. :-)