Monday, July 11, 2011

Being a Fresher

Hellooo... m back in the blogosphere. In the fresh mood, due to the fresh monsoons, with the fresher's attitude.

Yes I m a fresher. That’s my current identity in my office. I joined the job a few months ago. After 2 months training I joined the project with my batch mates. 

The only thing our colleagues know about us is that we are freshers.
Nothing of our background, educational records, training matters as of now. We stand at the bottom of every hierarchy of everything, responsibilities, work. Our opinion is not needed yet.

This was very annoying for me in the beginning. None of my teammates expected anything from me. When my TL used to instruct me, he did it with every minute detail. Some of it was really needed and welcome, because almost everything was new for us.

There is a hell lot of difference in the way we do things in college and the way it is done here. But I felt, in some basic things, they should take me for granted that I know such stuff. But it was the other way round; they took it for granted that I know nothing.

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Later I handled some serious stuff also, but initially the tasks with the least priority and brain involvement would be assigned to me. I remember how furious I used to be, at such times. But that’s life.. :) You cant miss the steps.. If you do you surely fall sooner or later.

Now when I m used to it I see the brighter side of it. No expectations mean no burden, no tension, no remorse if u fail.

Expectations can result in two things.. First the burden when you attempt, and second the sadness if you fail.

For me this experience of having people expecting no good things from you was completely new.
I was waiting for opportunities to perform extra ordinary tasks, giving superb results. I wasn’t happy with the tasks I was getting, I thought they were pretty basic, I should get something hi-fundu. 

Eventually I started doing silly mistakes in those basic tasks also, like typos, wrong mails, forgetting attachments, forgetting the procedures, etc. I thought I lost the opportunity of making a good impression. But again, my fresher status came to help, as my previous record didn’t matter, so didn’t my silliness.

I relearnt the old philosophy.. Work is work. Nothing is ordinary. It ends up teaching something for sure.
And the second thing, I enjoyed zero expectations. i enjoyed my mistakes, my learning’s and little success in those tasks I considered ordinary.

I enjoy work, because I don’t try 24*7 to live up to some expectations.
Some time later, I’ll be experienced professional, I wont enjoy the fresher status.. But I have decided to keep the fresher's attitude. I have decided to be fresher by heart always.

So the ending note of the blog: BE A FRESHER, STAY FRESH!!!