Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Rough draft of Dhoom 4

Even I can write a script for Dhoom 4. The formulas and standards for Dhoom are set.
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1. Theft / Chori
2. Intro of villain (full of style)
3. Intro of Jai and Ali (full of stupidity)
4. Jai and Ali start with d case
5. Jai gives tv interview with confidence
6. Villain watches the interview and gets angry
7. Villain and Jai meet
8. Jai does not arrest d villain because he believes thieves should be caught red handed only
9. Another theft. Villain is still successful.
10. Jai and Ali are removed from case/ pretend so
11. Another theft.

12. Chase and action
13. (Ali was hired because he's expert biker. From Dhoom 2, even Jai is expertly doing choreographed bike stunts. Ali taught him may be.)
14. Villain tries to escape.
15. Jai knows exactly where villain is going
16. Villain jumps from height
--- A possible end ---
(exceptions in dhoom 2, could be continued further in series)
17. If Jai is in mood to jump, he'll jump accurately on villain's shoulders.
18. Jai let go of villain
19. Jai again knows where villain stays.
20. Jai will visit his place, share his philosophy that a its pointless to arrest retired thief. Enjoy a chilled bear. And leave.