Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Smart and Smarter

Using smartphone and being smart are not the same things. :P Well a smartphone enables you to do a lot of things in smart way, but you need to be smart to identify its potential and actually do it.

One of my friends was first among the group to get an expensive smart phone. We often used to tease him, "dude, may be your phone is smart, but you are definitely not." :D I'll tell you one incident, for why we said so. 

Soon after that, we went for a Goa trip. We used navigator in his phone to reach places, but almost every time, some other guy would take his phone and gave directions. Once he himself was navigating us, and was simply reading the instructions. Take second left, third right, etc. Instead of looking up and see where we are, and tracking the same location via GPS, he was only reading instructions.

So at one point, he read "take second left". And after that we skipped a turn or two, which were too short and leading in some small alley, which wasn't likely to lead to our destination. So when we reached a turn that seemed to be the right one, we asked him, should we turn now? He said "Take second left". We asked again, but do we turn now? He said, "I don't know, it says take second left". Irritated with this, another friend took his mobile and opened GPS tracker and led us in correct direction.

See? The point here is, a smart phone cannot make you smart. But you need a smart phone to do many things in smarter way.

That is why I was keen to buy a smart phone within my budget. Motorola launched an awesome phone in India, called Moto e, providing all the wonderful features, a good camera and within budget of common Indian people like me.

I couldn’t do so yet, but as there is a saying, “everything happens for good.” The good thing it has done to me is, the 2nd generation of Moto e is launched now, and I can go directly for the new and improved Moto e.

Image source Motorola.com
When I have a smartphone like that, I believe I’ll have a power to do a lot of things on the go that I cannot today.

The thing that makes a smart phone work is the range of applications it provides. People can get hardware (camera, simple phone, I pod etc.) separately, and all the applications (office, mail, organizer etc.) separately. But the USP is to have it all in one device.

The applications in mobile phones were initially limited to self-organizer, music players, games etc. When people realized the potential a good smartphone can provide with its processing power, they also started developing application for stuff you couldn't imagine you could do it on your phone.

There are many things I want to start with my moto e.

Start banking
Many people are still scared of doing internet banking. I find it liberating. I don’t need to go to branch, stand in queue for transferring money, issuing drafts etc. I can do it all on my PC. But with my moto e, I don’t even need to go to my PC; I can do it in my palms from anywhere. Almost all banks provide android applications today.

Start Connecting
I love to be on social media. I love to connect, and stay in touch. I can install all of Facebook, google+, twitter and every social media application on my moto e and connect with my friends.

Start expressing
As you are reading my blog, you can see I love to express. My favorite blogging platform blogger also offers a mobile application, and a future post on my blog might have been written on my moto e.

Start Reading
I am a proud bookworm. I have read a lot of Marathi and English books, and my family boasts of a pretty good library of books in both of these languages. But purchasing hard copy of a book and taking it to places can be difficult sometimes. Moto e has a pretty big screen and I am sure it will help me continue my hobby and read eBooks anywhere I go.

Start Selfies
Photography is my hobby. I have taken training for it and I am passionate about it. After a long wait I got myself a new DSLR recently. No matter how much I love my DSLR, I have to admit it’s difficult to take selfie on a DSLR. With the front camera on moto e (only in 2nd generation), I will be taking a lot of selfies.

Start a new life
When I am starting so many things in addition to what I have already listed, it clearly means, with new moto e, it will be a different and better life. I believe I am a smart (not smartest, I am honest ;) ) man, and I want to be smarter. I am starting a new life with moto e. What are you going to start?

P.S. : To check what all you can start check out this link. http://www.startwithmotoe.com/

This post is my entry in #ChooseToStart contest by Moto E and +IndiBlogger