Tuesday, March 10, 2015


We often here saying everyone is born with some unique personality, unique skill set and unique destiny. I agree.

They say, everyone grows up in different environments, everyone gets different lifestyle, and their personality and nature is result of all these. I agree.

They also say, everyone has some basic character, own nature, and one behaves according to it. I agree.

This nature includes some qualities, some habits. Old habits die hard. I agree.

But when they say, one can change anything but his nature, I don't agree.

As we can change (i mean improve, for good) our clothes, our style, our living standards, we can also change the aspects of our personality that are creating problems for us.

And when I say this, it is not a theory. I have tried to do it on myself, and in my opinion, I was able to bring changes that I thought were essential in my progress.

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I was an introvert from my childhood. I wouldn't open up with people so easily. It took me time to make friends, to take them to my inner circle, and start sharing with them.

All my relatives, friends, teachers considered me as a very shy and quiet boy. I wouldn't mix up with guests coming to our place, or when we used to go to other places.

I loved to be alone, and to read. I would sit reading alone for hours. I don't regret reading; books are very useful friends you can make. But you also need real human friends in your life.

It doesn't mean I was not interested in other activities. I was actively participating in many extracurricular activities. But those activities like writing for school magazines, drawing competition were not social in nature.

When some good orators of my batch would impress entire school with their speeches, I used to envy their skill and influence. The content of speech wasn't my problem. Thanks to my reading hobby, I would come up with a lot of good ideas. But to deliver and convey it effectively was something I lacked at.

I decided to change this. I started to talk more, interact more. I tried to engage people in conversation. I also realized how listening is also very important in communication.

I joined a short personality development course. We used to practice debates, group discussions, and public speaking. As I said, I never had the problem with thoughts or ideas on any topic. So I was good at coming up with new points to discuss, but with practice, my speaking skills, and more importantly speaking in English was improving. 

I won a prize in one public speaking competition in my institution. And when the institution was celebrating its anniversary in annual function, our mentor gave me a chance to anchor a part of this event.

While graduating I also participated in many paper presentation competitions. I remember one competition of web design, where I and my partner presented our website in a technical festival in another town. Local teams of that college had created bulkier web sites, using every possible technology and cool technical stuff in web design. 

But I was able to convince the judges in my presentation, that web design is not about displaying technical prowess of its designer, but its purpose is to broadcast information about the organization for which it is made. And our website even though using less technical stuff is delivering all information effectively. As a result, we got ourselves a runner up prize.

Metamorphosis is a term used to describe when a person undergoes a drastic change, and turns out to be a completely different person. I went under such metamorphosis. I won't claim to be an extrovert now, but I am certainly not an introvert any more. The closest thing I can relate to now is being ambivert.

I led myself to a completely new life with this change. I was given more and more opportunities to speak. My opinion was considered and respected. I discovered a leader hidden within myself. I was chosen as a president for our student association. I am happy with this change.

One should not change himself just for the sake of it. But we can identify the part of personality that's causing us more trouble than use. We can decide and find ways to change it.

Newton's law states, that every object continues to be in its state of rest or in motion, unless it's course is altered by some other force.

I believe our nature is that object which will stay as it is, unless some other force tries to change it. This force can be our friends, our mentors, our parents, or we ourselves. Sometimes a bad situation acts as that force. But why to wait for it, when we can do the job for ourselves?

Change is good. Change is inevitable. Change is the only constant thing in this world. Go ahead, and embrace it. #StartANewLife.

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