Saturday, March 14, 2015

Battery Recharge Trip

Have you seen PK? The film was about an alien (Aamir) who lands on earth for research on human beings. He gets into a lot of trouble due to his curios questions about mankind, our culture, ironies in the customs and rituals we follow.

A young journalist helps him out to find some answers, and get back to his planet. She learns a lot in this endeavour and once when she is depressed and sad, the alien teaches her a battery recharge dance from his planet. The message is that dancing (or read: such activities) relieves you from stress, and get you back in mood.

I have one more activity to list here which can also recharge your batteries. It is to spend some time with the people you love, people who you admire, and people with whom time flies very quickly, and you create memories you cherish for years to come.

It may be your immediate family, your relatives or your friends. Getting them together and doing things you love to do together will definitely recharge your batteries.

I and my group of friends go on a trip to Alibaug and Nagaon beach every year. I call it our battery recharge trip. It is just a weekend trip, with no big activity, just relaxing hangout.

It all started few years ago. I joined my first job in Mumbai, and along with me there were around a dozen of fresher students. We had basic training for a couple of months, in which we bonded really well with each other, a friendship that will last a lifetime.

We started hanging out with each other in city almost every weekend, for movies, shopping etc. One long weekend, we thought of going for a picnic, and decided to go to Nagaon near Alibaug.

We booked a cottage for ourselves, and reached via a very enjoyable ferry ride from Gateway of India to Mandva. At lunch we ate at Fulora restaurant, which is best for seafood. Everybody just loved the food, and ate a lot more than normal.

We reached at our cottage in Nagaon, and had rest in afternoon. We spent all the evening on the beach, played water sports, gave each other tips on swimming. We got back to our cottage, and had an all-night session of drinks (of individual choice J), singing and chatter.

We followed the same routine the next day, the next year and every year after that. It was so refreshing, that the hangover of this trip lasts for weeks to come. We go on various other trips or treks, but we feel bound to go to this trip.

It’s been four consecutive years of the same plan being executed again and again, with same enthusiasm, participation and fun. Our families, other friends laugh at us for doing so, but we don’t mind.

For us it is very important. Over time almost all of us changed jobs and work for different companies and are divided in different cities.

Long trips to other destination needs more planning, and faces more hurdles to ensure everybody makes it. This is one fixed plan that is easy for everyone to follow. This is our best chance to get together and meet everyone, and we make the best of it.

We don't do any extravagant thing there. We just spend time on beach, chat with each other, make fun of each other, debate on any personal or national topic, go for a walk any time of the day, play with each other.

It recharges our batteries for the rest of the year, and by the end of the year we look forward to go for it again. The next battery recharge trip for us is coming soon. When are you planning?

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