Monday, December 29, 2014

Wear your best look

I was travelling in the local back home, at the end of the day, a very important day in my life. I had got my dream job that day, when I was least expecting it. A guy with average looks, but some above average intelligence, working in a good suburban hotel in Mumbai, made it to the international chain of hotels.

I got that job without approaching for it, without giving an interview, without any effort. Well, not actually without effort. Of course it was result of some efforts. Some small things you do every other day, but those which mattered.

I was thinking about a conversation I had with my Dad a couple of years ago. It was another important day in my life. It was my first day at job in the hotel I was working till today. I woke up with excitement, got ready quickly, and finished my breakfast with very big bites. My mother yelled at me to slow down. After breakfast I took her blessings, and went to my father. I touched his feet to take his blessings.

“Why aren’t you shaved? This is your first day at your job. Do you realize that?” asked my dad disapproving my rough look.

“It doesn’t matter dad. Nobody in my batch shaves every day. It is common now.” I answered.

“It matters. And you will shave before leaving for office.” He ordered.

“No dad, not today. I am getting late, one minute more and I will miss my local.” I resisted.

“I will drop you to office. But you have to shave.” He insisted.

And I complied, but showing every sign of frustration. He was noticing it. I got ready again. I was little angry with him for killing my excitement on my first working day. We got into the car, he started driving.

“I never told how I met your mother, did I?”

“No. But why do you have to tell me now?” I was curious about his story, but still not in mood to hear it.

“Because you need to understand something.” With that he took a long pause.

“Yours was an arranged marriage right?”

“Yes. We met through a family friend of ours, and relative of your mom.”

“Like most of the arranged marriages in India.” I thought.

Father’s Story

“Gokhle uncle was an old friend of your grandpa. He had come to Mumbai for some meeting. He was staying at your mom’s place. After his meeting he came to our place to meet papa.”

“I had just started working then. I came back home as usual, and saw him in our hall talking to papa. Papa introduced me to him. I touched his feet in respect, and went inside. Papa was proudly talking about my achievements in college and my first job in a reputed bank. He looked impressed.”

“I went to my room, changed my clothes, and wore casual ones. I came back to dining hall; they were ready and waiting for me. They were discussing something, but stopped at once when I entered the room, and were smiling at me.”

“We had dinner together. Papa asked me to drop Gokhle Uncle to where he was staying. When I took the car keys, papa asked me to change into something decent. I reluctantly did so and left with uncle.”

“When we reached there, uncle asked me to come inside. He wanted to introduce me to the family. I couldn’t think of any reason for that. But I didn’t want to disobey my papa’s old friend. I went inside. Few guests were already in the hall.”

“From what it seemed like, the guests had come to see Gokhle uncle’s niece, means your mom. I looked at the boy and the girl. The boy seemed to be rich, wearing a nice suit and gold chain. The girl was damn beautiful. I liked her. But I was standing there when she was seeing other boy, considering him for marriage.”

“I was feeling awkward there. Gokhle uncle took me to guest room for some time, till the other guests left. Then we came into the hall. Uncle introduced me to everyone, even to your mom. They asked me some general questions, I told them about myself, had some conversation and left.”

“Few days later, I was surprised to know that Uncle had taken me there with a purpose. He was impressed with me, and wished I married his niece. It further shocked me that the girl had also said yes to me. I had liked her no doubt, so I was bound to say yes. But I was wondering how she preferred me over that rich guy.”

“After our marriage, I asked your mom this question on our honeymoon.”

She said, “Yes, that guy was pretty rich. He came wearing that suit, and gold chain which was easily available for him. But he had not shaved. It seemed to me that he didn’t care much about the fact that he was going to see a girl. Whereas you clearly didn’t know that why you came to our place, but still you were clean shaven, properly dressed. I thought you were a disciplined guy. So I picked you. But why are you asking this?”

“I am not complaining, dear. I was just curious.” I answered and changed the topic. And so his story ended.

Back to present

“Are you trying to tell me she said yes, just because you were clean shaved and dressed?”

“Well in our time son, you had to judge with such small things only. We didn’t have the privilege of meeting a girl alone to talk, like you guys have these days.” Dad taunted.

“Not again with that generation gap thing dad.”

“No, that’s not point today. It’s just that you should be presentable always. You never know when a girl or an opportunity will enter your life. You should be prepared. We are not men with looks to die for. We are normal people. To be dressed properly, to shave regularly is our way to look our best. That’s my point. Wear your best look.”

“Ok. I get it dad.” I said though I didn’t get it that day.

I got it today. From that day onwards, though I didn’t like it, I started shaving regularly, and being well dressed. Eventually it became a habit. I worked hard, rose through the ranks in my hotel. I made good contacts with our suppliers, clients. I was good at talking. My boss relied on me to deal with them. I was thinking since past few days, that it’s time to move on if I want to grow further.

And then this day, the senior manager of GTC International came to meet me at my hotel. He said he wanted discuss some important matter and took me out for lunch. Throughout the main course, he discussed about many general things. I was waiting for him to come to the point. And then while having desserts he offered me my dream job. I was stunned.

“Don’t be so surprised.” He said, and continued. “You deserve it. You are good at dealing with people. I have been observing you and few other candidates since last few days. You are always presentable, you make a good impression. That’s what we want for our Vendor Relationship Manager. Not like boys of your generation who don’t care about how they look. I hope you accept our offer.”

“Of course I will. Thanks a lot for this offer.” Was all I could say!

The small thing dad taught me really paid off. I couldn’t thank him enough for this. Yes these things matter. Not all of us are model material, but we can groom ourselves. We can wear our best look. Will you? #WillYouShave?

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