Friday, May 15, 2015

Aap k lie App

Do you miss your mobile bill deadlines and get penalized for it? Just because you didn't find the time to go to a bill pay facility or were lazy to start your laptop and pay it online?

Do you wish to change your plan, try something that suits to your usage more but still stuck with the same plan for the same reasons?

Do you find it difficult to manage all the Airtel services you have subscribed to and keep a track of all of them?

Well, the solution is here. Khas aap k lie ak app.

Airtel has come up with #MyAirtelApp that empowers you to do it all any time in your palms, on your smart phone.

This cool new app makes all the above tasks a lot easier and convenient.

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You may have subscribed to Aitel mobile, Airtel DTH service, Airtel broadband service, this app lets you view and manage all these services in single and simple place.

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Many people are opting for net banking and doing things online, but there is still some fear of doing it on phones. Hence they prefer it to do it on desktops, but with MyAirtelApp you can rely on the secure payment service available here.

We love to connect and express but our communication patterns keep changing. When we are busy with work, in movies, we prefer to text and not to talk. When we are relaxed and feel like talking to a friend we last spoke with weeks ago, we prefer to do it on call rather than a chat.

In some months we may download a lot of apps and have many online activities, and in the next it may lower down.

The point is, even if your usage changes and you are still using and paying with the same plan, you might be doing it wrong way.

My Airtel App lets you keep a track of your usage, current outstanding amount, already used volumes of voice and data, and let you make informed decision of buying additional top ups required, or change plan completely.

And all this is available on the app itself. You need not waste time in finding and visiting a nearest Airtel store in their working hours (compromising yours), with a few touches on your screen you can do it yourself.

You can also set easy alerts for you to be aware when you are running out of data or balance, when you are near your due date, etc.

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If you observe that you do certain activities more often than others, you can mark them as favorite under "I want to" and reach them quickly.

The best is yet to come. With all these convenience and benefits of doing it smartly, you get rewarded for doing it.

Airtel surprises literally surprises you with the exciting vouchers and discount coupons with various other partners like flipkart, CCD, Dominos, etc.

So imagine, you get an app, you use it, decide on your services, and pay for it all at the comfort of your couch in your house. The tedious and boring part is done.

But for this you get rewarded and are encouraged to go out and use these surprises and celebrate the awesome moments with your loved ones.

 I don’t think it can get better than this. So be smart, download the #MyAirtelApp now on your smartphone, and use it smartly.

This post is my entry for #MyAirtelApp activity by Airtel