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Team Blog-O-Holics : Week 2 : Post 11 : Game Of Blogs : By Blogadda

This post is my installment in a story written and continued by my team of bloggers, Blog-O-Holics for 'Game of Blogs' by blogadda.com

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Jennifer was heading towards the hospital. She had missed the first appointment with Tara, because of that hooded guy. Agreed, he had a point. She had let her guard down in the new city. She was not as vigilant as she ought to be. But that wasn’t the correct time she thought.

He could’ve picked any other day to teach her that lesson. She couldn’t have said this to him, even though he was the reason of her missed appointment. And later Tara herself was kidnapped. That Cyrus guy Jennifer met on the station had rescued her from some strange location.

The news was all over the media. Jennifer noted down the hospital of her hospital, and decided she must meet her there. She bought some fruits for the patient. I must make special efforts to better my impression on her, Jennifer reasoned with herself.

This time she was extremely careful and made sure nobody was following her. She reached hospital and located the reception to ask her about Tara’s room number. There she saw a small girl asking the same question.


Roohi was very upset with her dad. First, he had let her mom get into trouble. And when she was back he was not letting her to meet her in hospital. He was making all excuses to keep her from going to hospital.

She was trying really hard to figure out why her dad was behaving so strangely from the day mom vanished? She remembered the last time when her mom was admitted to hospital suffering from malaria, she had stayed with her in hospital for one whole night, and went to school directly from there. Then why she wasn’t allowed this time? She was even elder now.

There was one more reason for her being mad at her dad. Her birthday was approaching. Every year they would celebrate her birthday in grand manner, with all her friends, mom and dad’s friends and relatives. Although dad would work hard to make it memorable, it was mom’s innovative ideas that made the celebrations special.

This time, her mom went missing, came back, admitted to a hospital but her dad wasn’t taking her to visit. Mom wasn’t around for any planning and dad was not even uttering a word. She wasn’t worried about celebrations at all. She didn’t even know whether mom would be there for her birthday. She was desperate to see her.

I must go to hospital on my own, if dad is not allowing me, Roohi decided. She knew in which hospital mom was being treated. She made  a “Get well soon” card for her mom. She took her savings in her piggy bank with her in school. After school, without waiting for dad, she took a rickshaw to the hospital.
At the reception, she asked the lady at the counter about her mom’s room number. A young girl came and also asked about her mom. The lady answered both of them at the same time.

“Tara mam left without letting us know. We are also looking for her.”

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