Monday, December 19, 2011

Give Me Some Sunshine : Prologue

There is a common topic in some of the facebook posts and mail forwards these days. The generation of 80's. These posts reminds us of many things that existed, we did in our lives and times.

As a generation we have seen birth and growth of many things like TV, internet, mobile and so on. We have seen these things changing our lives. Every generation has a tale about the things and traditions that was specialty of their contemporaries. We are no exception. 

We will keep observing the changes in trends, traditions, technology. We will keep changing. But what we have left behind is the innocence and excitement with which we welcomed these things in childhood. The excitement and curiosity around every new thing may not be there. At 10-12 or so, anyone could amaze us with the stories of wonders of gadgets, life in america, etc. Now our 'let it be' attitude has started growing.

That is why, when we remember our childhood, things we did, we believed.. our styles. our stupidity. Those great things which seems ordinary now. We cant escape a smile while wandering in memories. 


I am starting a series of blogs, about my childhood and memories. Some of them may be personal and specific to me, and not everybody may relate to. But most of those incidents, have taken place in your lives also, with some negligible difference. Reading my memories may remind you of similar incidents in your life. That nostalgic pleasure is the only motive for this series.

Everyone has a child inside. If child inside you awakens while reading the blogs, may be you will also sing along with me the beautiful song from '3 idiots'

give me some sunshine.. 
give me some rain
give me another chance
i wanna grow up once again.....