Thursday, March 20, 2014

When You Are Underpaid

The month of march is nearing it's end, and so is our financial year. A lot of organizations have appraisal/increment cycles scheduled in this or next month. People belonging to those are eagerly waiting for the salary hike, and many of them are counting on it. Due to the rating system in corporate, the outcome will be different for everyone. The hikes will be great for few, and normal/average for most. 

A lot of people get frustrated after this letters come out. They start feeling cheated, and underpaid. We keep hearing stories of some guy in XXX company getting a handsome increment, or some other guy who switches job and goes abroad on a package in multiples of his current. There is always some company whose increment percentage is higher than us. Sometimes internally we are not happy with the evaluation of our performance, and more upset with higher rating given to someone who is clearly undeserving according to us.

If people working in well known organizations, getting paid decently can feel this way, just imagine about these artists from Raghurajpur, Orissa. Almost everyone in this village is involved in a unique form of painting. They work hard, and are expert in producing marvelous hand-painted artifacts, which go places with their beauty.

Although the craft meets appreciation wherever it goes the craftsmen remain unknown, and underpaid. The problem is that, unfortunately these simple modest people are expert in only their art, and not the commercial aspect of the trade. 

Please watch these short video to listen to these artists, and know more about their situation.

These people often sell their art to middlemen who in turn sell them on much higher price than they pay the artists. This way, the middlemen rip most of the profit by simply trading on the simplicity of the artists, and their lack of ability to reach the customers directly.

Do you remember, how do you feel when you see somebody gets appreciated or paid more than you get, when that somebody is not exactly more deserving than you? Well, the feeling of these wonderful artists would not be much different than yours.

So the big question, what do you do when you are underpaid? The answer is simple, find the reason for that and attack on it. Obviously, it's easier said than done. What we salaried people can do is, discussing with our bosses, trying to convince them about our worth. Or update our resume and broadcast it to find a new job. In short, look for avenues to increase income.

A possible solution to the problem of these villagers is proposed by an organization called Do Right. With the help of technology, if these people can get an online platform to showcase their talent and art, they will be able to reach out to people interested directly. We know how e-commerce web sites are doing well in India, and the power of the internet.

They will be able to deal with customer directly and crack deals which are beneficial for both of them. The awareness and interest about their art will be enhanced, and the demand might also grow. If they are financially more stable, they will be able to stop worrying and concentrate on their art and continue improvising it.

They are seeking help from everyone to create a website and empower these artists. You can help in two ways :

  1. Donate for the cause on Do Right
  2. Spread the word and help to increase awareness, like this post
If you are doubtful about the impact of such initiative, then please watch another video. This is beautiful advertisement of Google, showing the power of the web.

Let the Indian art grow, and shine worldwide. Do help, Do right.

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