Thursday, August 4, 2011

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

I loved this movie. It was a wonderful experience to watch it. I watched it twice, and feel very lucky to have watched it with wonderful friends of mine both the times. This movie made me think about a lot of things. The message of movie is clear with the title itself, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.

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I realized what it means exactly while watching this movie. Zoya Akhtar and her team are successful in conveying exactly what they meant to. That’s very rare case in Hindi Cinema. :-) This team deserves credit and appreciation for every department of film making. Story, screenplay, dialogues, casting, direction, acting, cinematography, music, message.. everything.

I was amazed by the ideas and dialogues, thrilled to see sky diving and bull run. While watching sky diving I became speechless, it was so tempting I was feeling like just jumping from somewhere. I decided at that point, that this is the thing I would definitely do before I die. I want to feel the height, the gravity, the air… and myself falling between sky and earth. I always dreamt of flying.. This is the closest thing to that a man can do.

It’s been one year since I passed out of college, and one year since I have gone out for a trip with my best buddies. We all were recollecting out memories together, in college and on some trips. Although you spend a lot of time with your buddies in college/office, the time spent in such vacations is always special. Being with each other for 24 hrs, and at a strange location, with no stress of the routine work, makes it a lot more enjoyable and memorable. I realized that how much busy we all have got in our routines, a year has passed so quickly, and we never really hanged out together.

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We met often, but never the complete group. Some or the other would be missing. That realization was the only saddening part in this experience. After that movie, we immediately decided, that we should definitely go on a foreign trip. A long trip was always the plan, but it was a distant dream. Our imagination (constrained by our budget) would take us up to Himalayas in north and Andaman in south. :D But after this movie, we have started talking about going abroad for vacation. I think with little budgeting efforts, step by step, we all can definitely realize such dreams.

Paisa jayega to jaye sala who cares, what the hell we earn money for? Remember, zindagi na milegi dobara. ;) Now you may feel that tourism is the only thing I noticed in this movie. It’s not like that. The movie speaks about too many things.. Dreams, priorities, aim, taking time for yourself.. And so on. I have restarted thinking on that too. I touched the similar subject in my previous blog, Having Nothing To Do, but I forgot it myself. My thought process is rebooted now. :-)

The other fantastic thing in this movie is poetry by Javed Akhtar cited by Imran (Farhan Akhtar) in narration. Hats off to Akhtar Sahab. Aankhe khol di hamari. All the poems were nice and enlightening. Thinking on those poems really made me feel the inner peace. (at such young age… :D those who have watched Kung Fu Panda 2 would understand). These poems answered some questions, sorrows, and feelings we all regularly come across. My favorites are Dil tu kyu rota hai, and zinda ho tum off course.

I have many dreams thousand miles away from reality. All those refreshed, clear, and on the plan now. So as per the Javed Sahab’ s poem, I am alive. :-)